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5 Benefits of Using DTG Printing for Your Custom T-Shirts!

When used correctly, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing can be an efficient production technique that businesses can use. With its ability to produce vibrant, eye-catching designs that are both detailed and distinctive, DTG is an excellent option for those seeking to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Image Wear Custom Apparel offers businesses many advantages, ranging from DTG printing versatility and speedy production times to its unmatched quality and eco-friendliness. If you're curious about the extensive benefits, rest assured that we have you covered and can provide more information. 

Let's delve into the 5 noteworthy advantages that DTG printing can provide to your business & assist your production line - as we have compiled them for you! 


  • Short Preparation Time

  • DTG is the perfect printing technique for small & one-time printing jobs since it requires minimal preparation to achieve high-quality prints. Conversely, other methods like screen printing necessitate extensive planning, specialized equipment, and large volume orders to make the undertaking worthwhile.  


  • Straightforward Printing Process

  • The DTG printing is exceptionally straightforward when using an industry-leading machine. This feature particularly appeals to businesses because it allows every team member to learn how to operate the equipment and efficiently execute printing jobs. Consequently, you are not reliant on specific group members to be present on-site for the DTG production.

    DTG machines operate similarly to standard printers, meaning that if you can handle the latter, you can manage DTG printing. The only distinction is that you are printing directly onto garments instead of paper. Naturally, all garments must undergo pre-treatment with a unique liquid to ensure proper ink bonding. 


  • Vibrant and Popping Detailed Designs

  • DTG is renowned for its capability to produce exceptional designs that other printing methods, like screen printing, may not be able to elevate due to its limitations in handling complex and delicate creations. DTG, however, can make these designs flourish and command attention. 

    The clothing manufacturing industry is highly competitive, with numerous businesses across various sectors vying for attention. To ensure the products stand out, it's crucial to have a detailed and captivating design. If you want designs that genuinely pop and capture attention, then DTG is the ideal printing method. 


  • Unrivaled Quality

  • DTG is not only a fast printing method but also delivers high-quality results. It is particularly suitable for printing on garments like t-shirts & polo shirts, making it a versatile option for various industries. However, some industries require top-notch quality more than others, such as those in need of professional work uniforms & business personalization. 

    DTG printing guarantees top-notch quality, allowing you to proudly wear your uniforms and convey a professional and established image to your audience. In contrast, subpar uniforms can have the opposite effect and make your outlet appear unprofessional.


  • Flexible with Different Styles

  • As previously stated, DTG is a versatile printing method suitable for numerous industries. It is advantageous for your enterprise as it enables you to explore a variety of markets and reach a wider audience. DTG can expand your product range and diversify your offerings.

    Broadening your audience can be a fantastic strategy to grow your business, and DTG printing can help you do just that by enabling you to create a wide range of products. However, it's essential to tread carefully and avoid overextending your offerings, which could cause you to lose sight of your brand's core values. 


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    In our opinion, DTG printing is best for small batch orders and small businesses. One of the main benefits of DTG printing is the ability to turn around orders quickly.

    Thanks to the streamlined printing process of Image Wear Custom Apparel and short preparation time, you can provide your customers with speedy service without sacrificing quality.

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