Custom Apparel Printing Vs. Embroidery: Which Method is Best for Your Clothing?

Custom Apparel Printing Vs. Embroidery: Which Method is Best for Your Clothing?

It might be challenging to decide between embroidery and print alternatives when thinking about customized t-shirts and other apparel.

Your design or logo may be applied to garments using either screen printing or embroidery, and both techniques can result in stunning, high-quality products.

Direct sewing of threads onto the cloth is the process of embroidery. Modern embroidered t-shirts are created by sophisticated computerized embroidery devices. They accurately copy your design, although looking like the handmade embroidery of the previous era. You may enjoy colorful and vibrant embroidered patterns thanks to the variety of thread colors available on our industrial embroidery machines.

Image Wear digitizes the designs you submit to us so that they can graphically depict the brand or picture. This file instructs the embroidery machine on where and how to sew custom-printed apparel.

While screen printing entails the direct transfer of ink to the t-shirts or other handmade clothing using customized mesh screens. The number of colors and printing methods is almost limitless, and each color that makes up the picture will have a separate mesh screen.


Select the Best Method for Custom Apparel Printing

Now, let's begin with something a bit fundamental: selecting the best technique to get your design generated. This will be done before we delve into the theory of color or discuss size. There are various techniques to put an image on clothing now that technology has advanced, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Lasting, Customizable Options

  • If you want to customize an item of clothing with a design or image, the primary choice you'll have to consider is how you'll put the picture on the clothes, presuming you don't intend to pay to have it printed or incorporated into the fabric. 

    Moreover, you'll select a quality procedure for a long-lasting and high-quality image; a steady hand and puffy paints won't do. One choice is to have contact paper that can be ironed on and printed with your design. The drawback is that those iron-on patches will start to fade and peel off after a few times of washing. They work well for brief periods of time but are not durable over time.

  • Durability

  • The intended use should influence some of your design-related decisions. If you're making team jerseys for your peewee kickball squad, you should choose a material that will breathe nicely and not irritate when your team is playing hard. 

    In such cases, screen printing a garment would likely be preferable to embroidery. Moreover, custom embroidered t-shirts will hold up better to heavier use if you require anything, like work shirts for your auto shop's personnel.

  • Formality

  • How professional or casual the final output has to be is another factor to take into account. Because formality isn't really necessary for the charity jog or run, you may easily create unique screen-printed shirts for each participant if you're searching for a method to make the participants stand out. 

    A little more formality could be required, though, if you're taking a team to a conference to represent the company or organization. In such cases, wearing coordinated embroidered polos can present a more polished appearance and highlight your brand.



    It is simple to DTG shirt printing and embroidery on shirts. Your possibilities for logo development may change if you decide to use custom-branded clothing that goes beyond shirts. 

    The majority of other apparel items, such as jeans, sweatshirts, etc., may be embroidered or screen printed quite easily. 

    But headbands and hats are a little more difficult. Screen printing may not work well on knit materials like beanies. Therefore specialized embroidery will produce a higher-quality final product.

    Image Wear is providing top-notch and affordable custom apparel printing services. Contact now to get a quote and for more information about custom apparel printing near you.
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