Step Up Your Branding Game With DTG Shirt Printing

It's time to include custom T-shirt printing in your startup's marketing strategy because it's progressively becoming more feasible and economical. T-shirts have been a part of a number of the greatest, most creative campaigns. 

But why is T-shirt advertising so successful? Why should you think about using T-shirts for your new company's upcoming campaign? For your convenience, Image Wear has compiled our best advantages in one place so you can choose what to do next.

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DTG Shirt Printing is Cost-Effective

Modern technology has made customized printed t-shirts for men and women reasonably priced. Garment-printed shirts are especially amazing because there are no color restrictions. You may use whatever type of color you want in the design of the t-shirt to print on a variety of colored fabrics.

Small companies greatly benefit from this. Cheap t-shirt printing seems to be the ideal answer if your marketing budget is constrained or you require a product that generates a significant return on investment.


In a sense, t-shirts are like blank pieces of canvas. These may be customized any way you like. In the upper right corner, you may place the logo for your business. 

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Make Great Uniforms

They are very comfortable and provide uniforms at incredibly low prices. What could be greater than that not just makes your employees appear the part but also makes them feel good?

Moreover, uniforms have a vast array of advantages of their own. They provide a strong corporate image, serve as free marketing, save the company's employees money, and instill a sense of accountability in the workforce.

DTG Printing is Long Lasting

The lifespan of a campaign is limited, and the odds are that a t-shirt will outlive the campaign for which it was utilized. They are, therefore, ideal for maintaining brand recognition even after the marketing plan has been successful.

The goal is to make sure that t-shirt designs are adaptable and sufficient to be worn outside of the event you're utilizing it for. In order to do this, you must find an equilibrium between a fantastic design and the company's branding.

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What makes shirts so great? Everyone is already familiar with what they represent and how they function. It's not like you have to educate folks on how to utilize the newest technology you've introduced.

Giving these shirts out at gatherings or selling them becomes simpler because people frequently understand what size they are.


T-shirts are so well-liked in part because they never go out of style. Despite the fact that t-shirts were initially used as lingerie, t-shirt advertising became widely popular during the 1960s and 1970s because of companies like Disney and Coca-Cola.

Several businesses, such as Gap and Ralph Lauren, began branding their t-shirts in the 1990s by putting their logos on them. Since then, t-shirts have grown in popularity, especially those with brands on them!

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Why not sell your t-shirts once they have been created and printed? Earning money off of your customized designs is indeed a terrific way to supplement your primary income.

Similar to GAP-branded hoodies and t-shirts, logo-embedded t-shirts are becoming more and more common, particularly if you have an existing dedicated following. You may also have the modest and unobtrusive logo on the upper right or left of the t-shirt. If you don't like something as large as the logo of GAP or the logo in the middle of the t-shirt.

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